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Property Gossip May 2016

Often you would hear of a property owner referring to his “tenant from hell”. Although we all agree that some tenants are really not model citizens the truth is also that the “landlord from hell” also exist. Unfortunately, the perception exist that because the . . .

Property Gossip July 2015

Are you a serial property investor? Do you regularly buy property, often family houses, one at a time?  Every year or two you buy a property and you never resell these? Unless you can make a sizable profit by flipping it fast and buy two properties in its place.

Property Gossip Nov 2013

Lately a lot is being said and written on the topic of greener living. Whether you believe in global warming on not, I think most responsible citizens have become aware of limited natu-ral resources. And in Namibia we have always been acutely aware of our water supply,

Property Gossip Dec 2012

Property worldwide remains a very exciting topic and it is inter-esting to note what investment opportunities exist for investors from Namibia/South Africa. USA: The property market here is still in a severe slump and property in many states is selling

Property Gossip Sept 2011

You’ve got your own home, you have additional spendable income and you think that the time is right to buy an investment property. As not everybody makes a suitable real estate investor, you need to be aware of the following.  Risk: There is always an

Property Gossip Feb 2011

Recently certain estate agencies in South Africa were in the news for alleged dipping into Trust monies for personal expenses. This alarmed many individuals and fears of losing money were rampant.
How many people actually know what happen to their rent

Property Gossip Apr 2010

If you are not an experienced landlord, i.e. someone who owns property for the purpose of renting it out, you may have wondered about the many buy-to-let adverts you see from time to time. How do you know whether you are buying the right property?  The soul of a good buy-to-let

Property Gossip Sept 2009

The main reason why an owner will rent out a property privately is to save on paying a 10% commission. (i.e. N$4800 per year on a N$4000 pm lease). But a property that is vacant for one month, will carry exactly the same cost.  What does a home ow  

Property Gossip May 2009

Real estate investing has in recent years become very popular. The boom years allowed many property buyers to make a quick buck by quickly flipping (buying & selling) property but true real estate investors have two objectives, firstly, to earn a good monthly return and secondly