Breaking (bargain) News!!

by | 04 Dec, 2021 | News, Property Investment

We often receive mandates for properties that offer good deals (below valuation) with great value for your money. These properties make excellent purchases, and the new owners will enjoy the knowledge of having done a great deal for a very long time.

And then, with lesser frequency, we sometimes get a listing at an amazing bargain price, way under the price of similar and recent listings. These ultra-low offers are often due to special circumstances created by extra-ordinary and sometimes tragic events like the unfortunate death of a family member, a divorce settlement or owners emigrating or downsizing. And although a buyer may even feel a little bit “guilty” for making such a too-good-to-be-true purchase, the fact remains that, at that point, the sellers have other criteria that weigh more than getting the maximum price. At these life junctions, the speed of a transaction or the freedom of ending an era in your life, holds so much more benefits in that they are willing to accept a very low offer just to finish business and move on.

Well, one such offer has just entered our books. A charming holiday home that was in possession of one family for 40 years is now on offer and one lucky buyer will move in soon, perhaps for the next 40 years.

Check out our listing number 1199 for more details.

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