New Digital Nomad Visa allows 6-month visits to Namibia

by | 20 Jan, 2023 | News, Property Investment

The Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board recently published details to the very exciting new “Digital Nomad Visa” which was launched to allow successful applicants the opportunity to visit Namiba for a period of six months. The application for the Nomad Visa though can only be done online by the prospective traveler, and not through a third-party agent.

Read the following quoted from the NIPDB website and click the link provided at the bottom to access the website for full details and application form.

“The programme allows a swift and streamlined procedure to acquire a visa from the comfort of your home. The visa allows our participants to work, travel and study in Namibia. It will be issued for a total of six months that you will receive upon your arrival.

As a globally recognised holiday destination on the African continent, the country’s number one priority is to ensure potential visitors have access to programmes that encourage travel to our country with less to none paperwork and minimal bureaucracy.

Applicants wanting to take advantage of the Namibia Digital Nomad Visa will have to prove that they earn enough money to be self-sufficient.

They will need to demonstrate proof of income/funds (Payslip/Employment Contract) to sustain themselves and dependants (USD2000 – Applicant, USD1000 – Accompanying Spouse, USD500 – per accompanying child per month).

Applicants must also have valid travel documents, health or travel insurance covering risks while in Namibia. Approximately USD124 (NAD2200) will be required upon arrival as payment for the Visa.”

Find the website and application here.

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